Last Sparten Standing is not fun

So I guess they were trying to do Mini Battle Royal but it just ended up being Gun Game With Limited Lifes. Its just not fun. It wouldnt be so bad if we had like Plasma Pistal Starts and had to find weapons. Also Guys I know you want people to play on the new map but a bit of rotation would be nice…


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Can’t say I don’t agree, my best has been 2nd place. But they’re trying to cater to the whole BR crowd. That being said, it pretty much is gun game with limited lives. They should take the concept and expand upon it imo. Maybe throw in teams and move it to BTB, something like that.

Couldn’t probably hurt to do 2 and 4 man teams. It was probably specifically set to Free for all because of the name “Lone Wolves”.

I wouldn’t be surprised if other options become available later on though.

Yes BTB maps with 24 players FFA Weapons scattered with limited ammo and a slowly closing ring would be better then this the ring only shows up like half way in. That Upgrade system is trash.