Last Spartan standing v2

It’s terrible, spawns suck, OV and INVIS are Garbo overall sucky game mode

Pointless troll post v202.

If you don’t like it. Don’t play it.

If you have something constructive advice - share it.

Otherwise I’m sure you could have just chimed in on one of the existing threads about LSS. And yes. I’m at work. I want to be home watching the footy. I have my cranky pants on. Have a nice day. :slight_smile:


You better be a Bombers supporter or we can’t be friends

Afraid we are destined to be mortal enemies.

Go Hawks…

PS. Congrats on the result last week. It was so -yoink-.

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That’s a great idea. I’d love to not play it. The hard part is that 3/3 of my objectives are this -Yoink!- game mode.

343 somehow expects that forcing you to play a game mode will somehow make you enjoy it, and then make you buy stuff.

This game is dying because there’s no freedom to play what you want, when you want it, like all the successful games out there. So few people playing that I literally requeue with the same people.

Firstly. You must be really enamoured with whatever the weekly reward is. I can’t imagine how desperately you want it given the pain you are putting yourself through to get it.

Secondly. How is playing LSS forcing you to buy stuff? I get that 343 are engaging in some marketing witchery (that’s life). But which part of being “forced” to play LSS is making you buy things?

Thirdly. You have all the freedom in the world to play the playlists you want. I’ve pretty much spent the last 7 months only playing the bits I want to play.

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Try to consider the fact that you have to play LSS in order to complete the challenge, part of the challenge itself. Perhaps then you won’t be to -Yoink!- salty.

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Some people enjoy progression. This game forces overall progression of rank, not just weekly.

You’re making excuses.

I’m not saying I’m being forced to buy anything but 343 should be exciting players not forcing gameplay to specific modes


And I agree. But the idea is to enjoy the progression. If you are clearly not enjoying it - you really need to step back from the event and focus on and enjoy what you can control.

I just checked, you have 178 days left to progress your rank.

The only excuse I am making is excusing myself from any part of the game I don’t enjoy.

It’s an event. They are going to focus / encourage a game type. I’m not fond of Infection and I’m sure that will get a huge event. But the fans of those deserve their time in the spotlight. The current event is more for FFA / elimination fans. And that’s ok.

Halo’s fanbase / sandbox is wide. They can’t please and excite everyone all the time. Sometimes the onus is on you to find your own fun.

The bottom line is LSS is making you miserable. But you are doing it anyway. I can only assume you like being miserable. A martyr to the “cause”. Whatever that is.

The problem with is not so much the game mode, but the fact that the challenges force you to play this game mode. If you’re aiming for this week’s ultimate reward, it really blows when you get the challenge to get 10,000 score playing LSS.

Challenge/ranking system needs a rework in all honestly

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It would be great if the event had a separate challenge queue. That’s the problem.

“Just don’t play it” is idiotic logic.

Correct, same as Fiesta. I love Fiesta but hell if I want to be forced to play it.

Also good “dont play during the event week”. Fanboi or first season for you?

That is a problem.

The challenge system certainly has issues. 343 has a lot of work to do. I’m not sure anyone could passionately defend this.

But that’s not your problem here.

As opposed to playing a game type you don’t like, non stop, for a reward you don’t really want?

I think the advantage of the Fiesta one was that the challenges were a little more approachable for everyone. You could line up four of them and tick them off quite quickly. Even the infamous killjoy ones.

LSS is a little more niche. You probably have to be good, or at least invested, to get back smacks. Or headshot kills. And in Fiesta you cumulative score was easy to tick over. You can finish a game of LSS with very low scores.


Then get 343 to stop locking challenges to game modes/ event modes

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And that’s fair enough.

It’s a bad system.

My only point is that the only pressure on anyone to do play LSS are the event items (easy) and the weekly reward (a huge grind to achieve).

If you don’t want the weekly reward there is no point burning out playing in a playlist you hate. Why would you do that to yourself?

Apparently the only answer is “because 343”.

Relax people. It’s OK to “work around” the system. Look after yourselves.

You answered your own question, they want the weekly reward and likely the exp. from the challenges.

LSS is objectively bad. I just had a 21k game that I lost to a 8k andy because when I died once, I spawned in the circle in front of him twice in a row. Not only can you not see the other player to give yourself a chance, but you need to make a ton of noise in addition to taking damage trying to not die to the zone. I know trash spawns is Halo’s oldest claim to fame but this is pretty unreasonable.
It’s enjoyable at times but a lot of this design is garbage. 12 players is probably too many even on this btb map. Third partying shouldn’t be non existent but it’s feels just as frequent as the small arena maps. The power-ups upsetting the flow has been beaten to death.
The gun progression/level up system is borderline nonsense. Trade the sidekick, one of the highest ttk Tier 1 gun if not THE highest ttk while being easy to use, for a mangler or AR., to end with the BR/Bulldog. Like, are we getting better weapons or worse weapons as we “progress”? Pick one! Want to pick up an exp. bubble but have chosen not to level up yet? Too bad! It’s the same button on both controller and m&k as reload.

There’s no reason to push back against people who are disappointed that they have to play a pretty abrasive game mode that rewards playing like a rat to complete challenges/earn unlocks. FFA is probably the most niche playlist in modern shooters and we wouldn’t expect 343i to make us choose between limiting progress and playing it after a lot of backlash from Season 1. Like, yeah, have a game mode tied to an event is fine but maybe not one that’s stressful where you need to have eyes on the back of your head and a good night’s sleep to try to participate.

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Have I though?

People are admitting they don’t really want or need the weekly reward.

And we’ve fully established that the XP, in regards to BP progression, can wait.

So it comes down to a simple choice of fun. Do I torture myself in a gametype I don’t like for a week? Or do I spend that time having fun doing things I do like and come back to the battle pass next week.

I really don’t understand.

What I am beginning to suspect it’s not the weekly reward or XP they want… it’s a soapbox and megaphone.

I agree with you on all points but at least be specific lmao.
I think the mode is a cool idea but done strange.
-Spawns shouldn’t spawn you deep outside of the circle
-OV should be nerfed because its an insta-win first encounter
-Invis should last less
-Loadout levels should be reorganized, they don’t feel like a consistent increase

It’s about progression, not the game type. “Play any match” is garbage XP alone. If you knock of challenges, you get xp. We should be going through a range of challenge styles. Instead we get 3 LSS challenges when we don’t want to play the mode. This isn’t exclusive to LSS - it happened with Fiesta too.

What’s the plan 343? Frustrate people until we buy swap tokens? Hope we buy some ugly af skin? From the store of 5 options?

If you want money, if you want people to spend, give them flexibility not friction. I won during LSS tonight and felt no thrill because I had to play 6 more matches. So in the other matches I expedited the trip by walking off a cliff. :chart_with_downwards_trend: