Last Spartan Standing sucks and I don't really want to play it, but the armor pieces require me to (and also it sometimes doesn't seem to track kills)

I’m not a big fan of FFA, so was dreading the drop of Season 2 when I first learned it was called Lone Wolves. Thankfully, they didn’t go all out Battle Royale with a single life, or I would’ve not bothered until Season 3.

I just wish they’d rotate the maps, as doing the same one again and again isn’t fun.

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The weapon upgrade system is ridiculous. I love running around with the pistol in pretty much any game type and often dominate with it against stronger weapons or double/triple teams. Apparently, this gametype brings all the sweatys to the yard. I have been trying to convince my friends to come back to halo… this by itself is making me regret every conversation I have had with them. Who enjoys this. I am not an average player. That can be verified. I feel like pointless fodder playing LSS. I have yet to make it past getting the assault rifle. I have had no issue with


If you don’t like the mode - don’t do it.

I would love to not. However, as said in the OP, challenges require me to. AND even if I don’t want to do those challenges they take up space in my challeng box where others oculd go so I have to get them the ____ out the way.

And playing the challenges is annoying because they don’t even update properly so you have to keep mental track of where you’re at in them.

The mode is just boring honestly.

I’ve got literally 5 LSS/free for all challenges right now…

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I cant stand last spartan standing, Ive hated playing season 2, but on my second week I tried rumble pit and btb, its great new game modes are amazing and a huge improvement, then sighed as I wanted the weekly, so back to back last spartan matches here we go…
I mean they know its a terrible game mode, why else would they give you the option to leave it? But also not implement it right so your kills dont count half the time.

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I’ve noticed that if you play another match and when you leave it updates

Or, and here is a novel spin on things… you can just let them slide for the period of this event.

Not all events will appeal to everyone.

You can just keep having fun playing the modes you actually like!

At the end of the week you’ll get a whole new bunch of challenges to do.

The only downside is that you will only have 24 weeks or so left to complete the season!

I have really mixed feelings on LSS.

I love elimination game modes in Halo. They’ve been my favorite since CE. And I don’t mind that it’s FFA, or that it doesn’t have radar.

But I’m not a fan of escalation weapon progression. I think it’s tolerable sometimes with infinite lives, and I think it’s horrible with limited lives. I’ve yet to progress past the commando by the end of the match, so I’m always outmatched by the end, if I even make it that far. Usually I don’t get past the mangler.

I think the mode would be much better with just AR or BR starts. Give everyone even footing for the whole game, regardless of how proficient they are at getting kills. Because as it is now, the game is about who can get the most kills to survive, when IMO elimination should be about who can outwit their enemies to survive the longest, regardless of if they’re the most proficient slayer.

I also don’t like the danger zone mechanic forcing encounters, but I can see why they have it when there’s no time limit. Personally, I’d just rather have a time limit (say, 15 minutes-- 3 minutes per life, which is what I do in my custom CE/H2 games).

Also the fact that it’s only on one map is annoying. Gets old real fast.


Yah was really excited week one to play halo with my friends in the new season then they only added a single player game mode and king of the hill. In addition during the first week i had three event challenges locking up my challenge bar that were all ridiculous 10 000 exp in the last spartan standing, complete 5 games and get ten melee kills were all impossible to do and since id used all my challenge resets in season one and didn’t wanna play hours of last spartan standing i literally just didn’t play. Like I’m here for the arena shooter but man they have to support this game properly because I don’t think I’m willing to hold on for 6 more months for another content release.

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I hate that I have to play it to unlock certain armour pieces via challenges, that I might add, I have had to change so many times. Back smacking 10 players…no chance!

I suck at free for all so this is a nightmare for me. I’m forcing myself to play this gametype just so I can hopefully get it out the way and done with.

whoever was the person who thought this was a good idea clearly has no clue what they are doing being ffa I already damn hate. the fact the armor is locked to this bs event already shows how incompetent they are.

I completely agree with everything you said, forcing people to play awful game modes is not a good progression system. LSS is boring in my opinion, its basically a bigger FFA with gun game rules. There is no scavenging and as someone else said, if you don’t get one of the first kills you are screwed. Spawn are also not ideal as I’ve spawned next to players multiple times and been back smacked or shotgunned immediately. I don’t find this game mode fun at all and the challenge progression is a grind since I’ve only had 1 out 7 games count towards the progression so far.

Love how the headshot challenges don’t even count the AR, amazing game 343. Amazing game.

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But that’s the thing though. People DID try the new mode out, and they determined that they didn’t like it, which is ok. Personally, I think it’s fine. It’s not perfect, 343 didn’t nail it out the gate. It needs work. But I think it will be a successful mode with some tweaks and an expanded weapon/map sandbox in the future.

Events should be just that: Events. You show up participate for a bit and get some items for your time. If you liked it? Great! Keep playing it and populate the mode. If you didn’t like it? Sorry, but at least you got some items for your trouble.

The problem with the current set up for the event is that it not only requires people to play the mode (this isn’t a bad thing IMO), but it also requires them to either perform relatively well (in a mode they don’t like and thus likely aren’t good at) or perform actions that might not be very likely to happen in the mode.

For example: Someone who isn’t good at CTF will probably not have many carrier kills because they aren’t good at cutting off a flag route or whatever.

Also handcuffung the event to the weekly item is just terrible. Now people who aren’t interested in the event or worse, already played the event, STILL have to play the event if they want to get the unrelated weekly item.

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I just don’t think LLS’s challenges are very effective. Some of them are fine (Kills, Complete Games, Accumulate Score), but the melee challenges are a bit backwards.

The mode rewards you by giving you guns, but the challenge tells you to kill people by not using your gun? (Yeah, shooting can help get them to 1-punch range, but you know what I mean). Backsmacks are even less likely since everyone’s got the headset cracked up to 100.

More acceptable challenges would have been:

    • Best way to do this is try to win. You can also just hide in a corner if your guns skills aren’t up to snuff. But the objective is to survive, I couldn’t care less how people want to do that.
    • Again you just have to get kills (or assists) or steal XP. Again just perform well and you’ll get those upgrades quickly. Even a poor performance can still help (only need 100 score to get the 1st upgrade).
    • This can only be done if a player has been eliminated, so if you survive long enough to get to an orb, you’re probably doing well anyways. But keep in mind you may have to fight for the orb. Also if you got an orb, it’s possible you eliminated that player.
    • This one should also be added to Attrition. Halo considers eliminates different from standard kills since they are worth 200 points instead of 100. Eliminating a player is the single thing you MUST do to win LSS even if it is your only kill (unless they self-destruct).

TL;DR: Last Spartan Standing’s challenges can be improved, and 343 should strive to do that since it would be a net positive for the game and the players.


I’m going to be completly honest, I couldn’t care less about the Challenges. The Rewards (at least in my eyes) are not worth grinding for.
I don’t care about Stances or Emblems. The only thing I’ve done the Challenges for were the black Visor.

I think it’s hilarious that watching 3 Hours of a Twitch Stream gets you better Rewards than grinding the Challenges in the Game for 6 Months, but that’s another Topic.

For the Mode itself - Usually I don’t like FFA, but I really enjoy LSS.
Breaker is easily one of the best BTB Maps in a long Time. The lack of too many Grenades is such a refreshing Experience - same goes for the Radar. Had some intense Games.
Obviously it can get repetitive after a while, but same can be said for any other Game Mode.

It’s a good Addition to the Multiplayer in my Eyes. The only thing I’d change are the huge Amount of OS and Camos. There are just way too many of them during the Rounds.
Oh and I forgot to mention that - the Zone should also come in faster.

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The “problem” is that half the challenges (and by extension XP) are set in that mode. If you don’t play it, you don’t get the unlockables, and you level up half as fast…

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