Last Spartan Standing sucks and I don't really want to play it, but the armor pieces require me to (and also it sometimes doesn't seem to track kills)

Frankly the only reason I’m bothering to enter this is to try to do the challenges, but bafflingly sometimes the challenges don’t work because kills won’t track. My FIRST game I backsmacked someone, only to find not only did it not count for the challenge, it didn’t even count as a kill in game.

That said, I’m sure this game mode is great for some people who like the upgrading loadouts system and stuff, but really, after the entire season 1 of everyone saying challenges tied to specific game modes suck, did we REALLY need another series of challenges tied to specific modes?


Ya im not a fan of it at all, especially it being basically a FFA so i cant play it with my friends. The upgrade path for weapons is also horrible.


Only played a few games, bit of a campers dream to be honest. Doesn’t feel like halo, but will give it a chance for a while longer


I hate FFA and I would rather die than play a Battle Royale, so its pretty hilarious that 343 somehow found a way to combine my 2 least favorite modes into a mish-mash mode that I hate even more than either one by itself.


One thing that I will say, regardless of if my opinion of this mode changes. The feedback in season 1 to stop playlist specific challenges could not have been clearer. People don’t want to be forced to play modes they don’t enjoy. All I am seeing so far are playlist locked challenges which is honestly really infuriating


Its suuuuuper campy.


They specifically state that challenges don’t update until after the match ends, even if you quit. So it’s possible you just checked too soon. Of course I also won’t put it past them to just be broken either. Alright, they’re definitely also broken, lol.

But yeah, I hate FFA. I just want to play Halo with my friend. Events like this with forced single player game modes are the worst.


They’d probably remove challenges altogether and just toss everything into the store first. Since one of their prime pushes with challenges is to entice people to play outside of their comfort zones and try new things.

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It wouldn’t be that bad, but it is really not fun for me because I only get 20 FPS on it.
I go from 50-60 FPS to 20 FPS on Breaker, like, wtf

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Sad thing is, you’re probably right. If we ditched the challenge system, they’d probably throw a hissy fit and throw the items in the store, especially since they could no longer sell us challenge swaps (you know, the solution to a problem that 343 made.)

But while encouraging trying new gamemodes is good, if its something someone hates (example: Me with this mode) then it just discourages me from playing a chunk of the game. I’ve already accepted that I am not getting the awesome stance weekly reward because 4 of my event challenges are backsmacks in Last Spartan Standing and I am not wasting that many swaps for a mode I hate.


Its pretty bad. Played about 5 games of it and can honestly say im done with it. Too much camping and hiding.

They really need to make event challenges seperate from the regular ones. First it was Fiesta and now this. Not the greatest considering you need those challenges for progression.


welcome to halo infinite the worst game currently available


I’m not enjoying Halo: Infinite and its outlook, but Battlefield 2042 is infinitely worse right now lol.


It doesn’t track headshots either. I don’t even enjoy this mode and yet I have two weekly challenges that force you to play it. First time I have felt like uninstalling this game.

at least bf is playable

I was just going to say that, it doesn’t feel like Halo at all. I can rank high in matches by hiding well, but I get barely progress on challenges requiring me to kill.

…Battlefield 2042 worked for you?

I wanted to die every second of my free trial for that game. The gunplay was awkward and floaty and the parachute was somehow far worse and buggier than the parachute from a 10 year old entry in the same franchise.

At least Halo: Infinite is a relatively smooth experience for much of the time on my end despite my other issues with it.


it was but i haven’t played it in months. i have mostly stuck to MW2019 it is possibly the best shooter of the current gen consoles

I honestly can’t enjoy this game mode myself. Way too slow paced with too many people camping, especially near the end. And i hate that because im going to not really play this game mode, im gonna lose out on an entire armor core. We were already choked on customization of our spartans and they lock away an entire set behind an experimental game mode. They could have added grifball to the game and had us progress it through that and i would have been ecstatic, but nope gotta put it behind mini ffa/battle royal bs. If these shenanigans keep up, i aint getting this season’s battle pass.

So I’m not the only one who hates the abomination that just got added?

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