Last Spartan Standing Spawns

So, it’s me and one other player. Final two. The guy kills me first because for some reason we have to have the BR as the final weapon. I respawn outside the danger zone twice. I’m blinded by the red zone and the guy easily kills me. There is no balance in that. It’s terrible.


It is annoying when I respawn in the danger zone, because by the time I get to the small circle, I’m half health. It’s pretty stupid. The alternative would be to spawn you in the middle and you get spawn killed, which is also stupid. You should spawn with a small health boost if you’re spawning outside in the danger zone, so you’re not almost dead when you get out of it


Yeah, something to at least boost health so you don’t just get destroyed. The map itself isn’t great either with this, in my opinion. I’ve spawned in between so many people during in and out of a fight.

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I’m no AAA developer or anything, but wtf ever happened to games respawning you with a temporary flashing invulnerability? That would solve spawn killing and spawn damage entirely. I feel like only Smash Bros still does this


The the zones smallest level you can shoot across it with Bulldogs, there’s nothing you can do if you spawn and they get the shot on you, spawning in the danger zone is just more annoying.

I was 1v1 with the last guy and I had 0 deaths with 14 kills… please note: 14/0. Only the small circle remained, the guy kept getting active camos, I kept spawning in the red zone coming back with half health, and he would 2 shot me every time and I could never even see him. I lost with 14 kills and 6 deaths. Amazing.

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