Last spartan standing should have teams

Or at least duos. Gets a little boring playing it solo all the time. Think it would be great to have at least one teammate. Thoughts?


I can really dig the idea of a “Headhunters” variant that somehow does the same basic setup with five or six pairs of players. It’d be a lot of fun to play with a friend, but I can imagine it being frustrating to matchmake for it alone (team doubles is bad enough when you don’t jive well with your partner, and this would be way more chaotic than that).

Certainly worth exploring! One or S2’s biggest failures is in how it’s so far failed to provide much new compelling content that can be enjoyed with friends.

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Yes. I think it would be great with duos (shared pool of lives).

I don’t think it would work as well with teams of three or four.

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Honestly, that sounds a lot like Attrition. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

LSS is already classified as a form of attrition… so yes.

If they allow duos at some point, I think they should up the player count as well, but that’s just because I feel like it would prolong combat a little bit more before people start resorting to camping and dragging out a match.

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Myself and the people I play with all would love an idea like this for teams in this mode. Maybe a doubles variant, would really be a great mode.


Headhunters is already an established gamemode. LSS doesn’t need a doubles mode as it’s a mini BR. We’ll be getting a full sized one with teams soon enough, probably to start S3

They should definitely add duos variant. This way players can at least play with some friends.

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Yea the game modes arent totally different. I mean swat is slayer right? And Attrition is slayer. They all mesh. Last Duo Standing to me doesnt sound at all like Attrition. Especially played on big team maps how LSS is meant to be played. Besides the limited life pool, it really is nothing like attrition.


Yeah, I think a duos option would be great for the mode so that players can experience it with at least one friend.

I basically only ay Halo multiplayer, so this would be great!