Last Spartan Standing ranked?

LSS Ranked

Last Spartan Standing is fun and I would love to see a LSS ranked playlist.

In the following post I would like to share my thoughts about possible settings.

Note: Yes, we need more ranked playlists but thats not the topic right here. Just wanna share my thoughts.


1. Remove Outline-Settings in LSS Ranked:

Since its an FFA there is no need for outlines.
Especially in LSS outlines make it easy to spot enemies. Imagine playing on Deadlock (the dark map) and you are trying to find enemies but the light yellow outline makes it super easy.
The game would be way more intense without outlines.

2. Remove secondary weapons.

Currently level 1 in LSS is very strong (Pistol+Disruptor). It would be more valuable to level up if the later levels have a secondary weapon not the first level.

3. Reduce the shotguns.

Currently the Bulldog is available in two levels. Result: Many campers
Reduce the amount of Bulldogs in loadouts.

4. Drop Pods

I like the changes with all the equipment (hook, repulsor etc.) but OS and Camo are still super powerful to use. Reduce the amount of powerups in LSS OR add some weapons in “Drop Pods”.
For example:
Snipe with just 3-4 bullets or even less.
Bulldog with just 3-4 bullets or even less.

Players would move and loot more.

5. Zone

Increase dangerzone timer a little bit.
Add a small spawn protection to players spawning outside of the danger zone.

What do you think about my ideas?
Feel free to add some of yours aswell.

Be nice.
-CruX M85

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Please no. Its a boring campfest i only play for challenges, which i only do for progression, for an emblem i dont even want lol.

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Just get Rumblepit Ranked instead. Rumblepit is so much more fun.

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This. There is no need to put this camp feast in ranked.

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That would be great. Rumble pit ranked. Dont know if i could stop playing this playliat :grin:

If I had the power to, the first thing I’ll do is have a weekly Ranked mode for just people jousting with Swords. It’s not skilled in any way, but it’s fun.

300% Overshields
100% faster swing speed
competition style ladder matching
1v1 jousting, winner advances and is matched against another
100 players

I’d rather keep LSS out of Rumble Pit.