Last Spartan Standing killed my motivation to play

I had just recently started getting back into the multiplayer, the gameplay of the core games is fun (But bring back swat as a core game mode -Yoink!-, and add more big team maps.)

But Last Spartan Standing… is the worst game mode I’ve ever played. The moment someone gets a precision weapon, everyone else is dead and doesn’t have a chance because it’s on big team maps where there’s a bunch of wide-open spaces. It’s killed my motivation to play again because now my challenges are clogged up with event tasks that all focus around it and I want nothing to do with that game mode, and since there’s no other way of progressing besides challenges, I feel stagnant.

Remove this mode. It’s awful.


Agreed, yet another armour set I’ll miss out on because 343i decides to lock cosmetics behind game types

Oh well, it is what it is…no poin in complaining about it anymore I guess…


That plus how they’re being blatant about the crappy challenges. A bunch of melee challenges in this dog shi巾 LSS mode? It’s so that you’ll be tempted to buy change tokens.
This is the same exact shi巾 that happened with GTA Online when they added resupply missions for your businesses that were meant to be upsetting. It would make players want to spend their money on instant resupplies and eventually shark cards if you wanted to keep up with research projects. Otherwise you got blown out by dudes with rocket bikes.
I’ve only been playing for a couple weeks, but this LSS event has shown it isn’t gross incompetence, it shows 343i is now irredeemable and strictly wants money.
Instead of making good content they’d rather use psychological B S to goad people into purchases.
I’m getting my recon armor and getting tf outta here

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Gotta say OP, I have the same experience.

I rather miss the rewards than to play LSS.

Disruptor pistol starts?
No radar…

It is impossible for me to get a kill in this mode.

I thought I wasn’t going to like LSS when it first came out, but I came to enjoy it.

The biggest thing is just getting a feel for the spawns, especially at the start. When you can recognize where you are and know, roughly, where the other spawns are going to be around you, it helps a lot when getting those first couple kills and trading up from the Disruptor. Same with when you start moving around the map looking for targets, knowing what directions you should look at based on where you’re going.

For me I just play a bit conservatively, keeping those likely directions in mind when moving, never rushing out in the open, keeping to the right vantage points and pressing on enemies when I’ve spotted them and can attack where I won’t be exposing myself to anyone else that’ll wander in. If I know I got the AR early I tend to be more aggressive in the beginning to get those easier kills and then once I get more ranged weaponry I switch over to a more conservative approach.

I regularly win games myself…so long as my Challenge Log isn’t filled with Melee-only Challenges as it was for this week. Fortunately, getting all the Event Rewards by completing enough of the Event Challenges meant that I could just stop playing and avoid doing the rest of the Melee Challenges.

What I did a minute ago is log in Halo infinite and play one LSS game then close it and open MCC.
I hate LSS.


The problem isn’t the mode. The problem is that in order to progress through challenges and events, 343 is forcing people to play modes they hate. I hate swat and it ruined prior events for me. The challenge system honestly saps all joy from this game. No wonder everyone has left.

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