Last Spartan Standing is almost perfect

So season 2 dropped and I’m loving last Spartan standing. I’m going to list ideas that I believe would make the game mode more lit.

Respawns/Health: I see the vision but imo it messes up the flow and takes away from the only “survivor” feeling. I’m also certain the spawning outside the ring can be patched but I say scrap the respawns. To accommodate the removal of spawns what I had in mind is tweaking the damage modifier to 50% less damage (strictly for LSS), so that way it feels like your Spartan has double the health.

Abilities: This is inspired by Reach, but for the abilities it would be cool if we can pick just one for the whole game with unlimited use. The catch is that it will have timed cooldowns depending on what ability you choose for the game. The better abilities will have a longer cooldown and vice versa with the lesser ones. However if this were to happen, camo and overshield would have to go out the door. I’m sure I don’t have to explain why.

Map Size/Player Count: Awesome map but wayy too small. I was honestly expecting a map that would be colossal compared to the BTB ones. The player count should be 3 digits. Instead of 100 Spartans, let’s do 117 because Halo lol. Nah but 100 would be insane, and I mean that in the best way possible.

Vehicles: The only vehicles scattered throughout the map should be the mongoose. The most you can do is a mongoose mowdown, but it will be perfect for getting around the map faster especially when the ring starts to close. Warthogs should only be introduced if there’s ever a team mode for LSS.

Weapons: I didn’t really enjoy how the weapons are at play here. It feels like I’m playing Gun Game from Black Ops 1. The only actual solution I’ve thought about is either taking the ol’ loadout route or spawn with only an AR and we’d have to pick up weapons from the walls. And weapons would also have to be limited. I feel like all power weapons should be removed, for LSS at least. Unless there’s a team mode like I mentioned earlier, we can allow the power weapons over there since we can revive each other and getting skewered from a distance won’t feel too bad.

Dropping into the warzone: Similar to other battle royale games, a parachute to land anywhere on the map would be dope. But what would be badass is an ODST drop pod we can customize with pod coatings!

I would appreciate to hear any suggestions you guys have for Last Spartan Standing or if you think it’s perfect the way it is. What would you like to see be done differently?