Last Spartan Standing is a one person playlist?

Make it as complicated as you like in your own mind. 343 made it real simple “You can’t play our new game type with your friends.”


Was coming here to make this exact thread. I would love to play this with my friends. It sucks that I can’t. This game is so anti-social it isn’t funny.


Do you not have a computer? All you need is that, a headset with mic, a means of communications ( discord, steam, twitter, face book, ect. ), and the programs installed needed to talk to one another.

Takes like 5 seconds to set up once everyones home.

If you play on a PC, you can just have everything in the background while you play.

Most people who play xbox probably wont have a pc set up close enough like that. And not one thing you shpwed would help me chat woth others in my match.

The fact that you find this as a reasonable substitute tells me you are interwsted in nothing more then defend 343 even from the most blatant mistakes.

It actually happens pretty regularly every single day by many many people. I’ve been doing it since the early 2000’s myself.

You must be new to gaming… Not having a PC and a console? I’m guessing your a child without a job? I have my consoles and pc all in my work office of my house. This way I can take a break and play when I’m not working myself.

I have both thanks for another childish way of trying to discredit someone. So because you were privalaged to always have both, everyone should have the same? Are you even an adult with that way of thinking?

this is ABSOLUTLEY INSANE!! I can’t believe that almost none of this new stuff can be played with our friends! We can’t even work on Challenges together because HALF OF OUR CHALLENGES are LSS!


Cmon man. You hotta keep replying, the discords Im sharing this with are having a laugh and we want to keep it going.


Exactly, no preferential treatment goes towards friends :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, most of my friends I wouldn’t team with but I have a friend who’s literally still learning the controls and I would almost feel obliged to help him.

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aye, I would have to agree with you on this that that would be the best solution.