Last Spartan Standing/Attrition Custom Game Settings Are Bad

Just booted up Last Spartan Standing to play some classic lives with my boys, to my dissappointment Last Spartan Standing does not allow you to enable weapon pickups or even adjust that level up system in anyway. So even starting weapons was locked.

I really just wanted to play Attrition but in a FFA style but even on Attrition you cant toggle the teams on/off… there seems to be very limited custom game modifiers/overlooks which make creating your own experiences a little dissappointing.

Please give us more freedom with your gametypes 343 i couldn’t keep my lads entertained with pistol starts/leveling up… they enjoy the scavenging, classic Combat Evolved Lives, but im unable to have that experience with the limited tools available.


Yeah I’m not a fan of it either.
I hate hate hate the shock pistol. But it’s locked. I can’t get rid of the thing.


I played one match and it seemed fine to me…

Do you get better guns as you run out of lives though? All I found on the map were grenades and equipment…

Nope, with kills. So it’s just gets bad quick. Wall hackers dream this mode is.

This post isnt me complaining about the mode mate, its the lack of customization freedom in game modes in general… i literally want to create a FFA slayer game with lives and i have no way to do it

That being said id like to edit the loadouts if i play this particular mode, or at least enable weapon pickups but cant do that either

I’ve been playing this Last Spartan Standing game mode, and I just can’t stand it, it’s completely awful, there is already some players exploiting the mechanics to target specific players to exhaust their lives early and force them to quit the game.

The worst is that 343i haven’t fixed the basic issues with the multiplayer, like implementing an anti-cheat tool for consoles and PC players, or separating the players depending on where they play. This gives a massive advantage to PC players.

I love Halo, but I don’t know how much I’m willing to tolerate, specially with the disrespectful approach of the Halo tv series concerning the lore of Halo.

I agree and I think this topic is very important for season 2

I invited some friends to play and the first thing we tried was to create a custom game to rank from human weapons to covenant powerweapons with unlimited lives and level up only through XP drop.

So many simple tweeks, there isnt a single one available.

If the rotation for BTB maps and weapons in the mode playlist rotated for events or every weekend, there would be variety and people would experiment.