Last Spartan camps forever

343 do you guys even play test your stuff or is that our job? I just played 2 matches of LSS where I met the player at the end who had 5 lives…. Make the zone move in quicker how this stuff gets pass you guys is beyond me…

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Yesterday I had same thing, basically cos that person camped out somewhere with a shotgun waiting for other players to take everyone else out so he still had plenty of lives to win the match

It’s not 343’s fault, they play test it and it’s us players who either camp out, or move and have a better balanced match. There are of course some balancing issues, maybe a way of when it comes to last 2 players, making it a more even fight for example.

And of course, there are skilled players who ligitimately have plenty of lives left.

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Maybe a patch could change it so during “Showdown” you both have 1 life and whatever weapons you upgraded to, so if they chose to not hunt and upgrade, they have 1 life and junk weapons

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Won’t lie, I tried this method and it does not work. When you get to the showdown - even with 1-3 extra lives -,
you end up getting smoked at range by the BR or close up with the bulldog. Also, it spawns you in the danger zone so you’re taking damage from the start.

Yeah there needs to be an anti camp feature on Last spartan.

A simple one is if you don’t move more then X feet in Y seconds your location is pinged to everyone.

I do hide a lot in LSS. What am i supposed to do when nearly every engagement my opponent has OS or Invisibility.

Eh, it’s a strategy. I was holding the UNSC wreckage side of the map for the entire game last night. Won the game with 5 lives left and had 14 kills at the end. There’s plenty of ways to counter it with all the power ups that drop. Would like to see Armor abilites drop from the pods and not just OS and Camo all time. Threat sensors would be very useful.

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I’ve not seen a single camper win a game in over 20ish games.

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