last SKULL wont unlock

Could some one check into this? Ill make a clip of it if you need proof.

Some skulls didnt unlock instantly and i acccepted that…
because it gave me a ‘done! Unlocking…’ message in the achivement app.

but Skulltaker:CE:eye patch’ wont unlock no matter how many ways i try to collect it

i have read the achievement support threaad, and it said having ‘zero score skulls’ like bandanna , scarab and envy (envy really?)
may interfear with some achievements, so i try on each difficulty no skulls on and never got it. 12 times and still no hope or done! unlocking… message

Just collected it 6 more times no skulls on
some co op and my friend got it but
eye patch CE still wont unlock… two weeks of daily collecting of what should have unlocked 30x over