Last men standing

Alright I was thinking a little bit about this idea and Im interessted what you guys think. I really want Halo to be classic so I dont come up with an Idea that changes the gameplay to much or breaks it…

My Idea comes originally from the Gears of War series and its standart slayer game type. (You can also kinda find it in Halo 4s Dominion or Halo 3 ODSTs Firefight).

I can see it as its own voting slot next to normal slayer. So we have “Slayer” and “Slayer LMS”

Slayer LMS will be played almost exaclty like regular slayer. But after lets say Team Red has reached their 50 kills, they have to eliminate ALL of the four players of Blue Team once again to win the game.

That means after a team died 50 times every player of that team has one more life only YOLO and has to watch his teammates if he dies. (Like in ODST Firefight)

I bet some of you know that feel when the game is 48 to 48 and BADTEAMMATE(1) runs into top mid and dies two times “Game Over”
But in Team LMS you still have a chance to win by making this two kills and then stay alive and try to kill all the other fours.

(Jesus I hope you know what I mean, my explanations are terrible)

This idea should kinda stop the problem with teammates that die way to often and dont take the game seriously. It should also add some very intense moments when you watch your last teammate fighting against the two last men of the enemy team.
I also think it only fits into ranked slayer, because for casuals it is maybe to boring to watch a teammate trying to win or watch him camping.

Please let me know what you guys think about this idea.


I understand. Gears of War 3 put an interesting twist on TDM. It basically combined TDM with Execution. Gears of War is hardcore, Halo could benefit from more serious/teambased gametypes like this.
I think it could work. Like you said its already in Dominion to some degree.

Personally I would like to see a Counter-Strike/Search&Destroy mode in Halo. Round based, 1 life per player with an objective.

So basically, after the kill score limit is reached, the other team is given a chance to come back and make up the difference?

Sounds interesting. I’d like to try it.

Very interesting I’d give it a shot

These are cool concepts, they could play pretty well in a future Halo.

Like you mentioned, Dominion was a great example of something Halo 4 did right. I hope they continue in that tradition with Halo 5.

I just urge caution… Halo 4 might have introduced too many new gametypes at once (regi, dominion, extraction). Keep it small, deliver big… the fans will thank you.

Edit: I’m dating myself here, but Bungie had a real-time tactical game called Myth back in the pre-Halo days. One of the multiplayer gametypes in Myth was Last Man On The Hill. Your suggestion reminds me so much of that and it brought back so many fun memories. Incorporating an objective like a hill might help focus the action as a fun variant.

Thats what I want them to make. Intense and fun gameplay without even touching the core elements.

Innovation, nbot change.

Thanks for the nice feedback. Should be very easy to make it in the game. I cant wait to see the first gameplay of Halo 5.

For someone who does not really play with a team often and get paired with rubbish team-mates this idea is like…well…ummm-I would LOVE to see it in halo as sometimes I feel I could turn a game around when a random and two guests are with me.

10/10 full support…yay!