Last Man Standing Thoughts

Great new mode, with potential to grow over time. Here are some thoughts so far:

  1. The zone should come into play a bit faster. It doesnt have much of an effect on gameplay until the final 2.

  2. Doubles with 24 players could be a good addition in the future

  3. I think everyone would prefer the first upgrade would swap the disruptor and keep the pistol, instead of keeping the disruptor.

  4. I think the overshield and camo drops are a bit too frequent and common. Having less would make them feel stronger and make people fight more for them.

  5. A ranked variation of the mode could be good. BR starts without the upgrading aspect for those looking for a more competitive version of the mode. Maybe less lives too.


I agree with a lot of what you said.

Based off my experience, it seems more games are decided by camo than anything else. I think the amount of camo drops should be drastically reduced, or the threat sensor should be added into the drop pods so there’s more ability to counter camo.

I also think it would be cool to make the one or two camo’s that would drop per match as a ‘power item’ event like in traditional modes. Steizer could even call out “Active Camo Incoming!” And then a drop pod with gold trim could drop near there middle of the map with the camo.

I also think one sniper (with just 4 rounds) should drop in at some point as well. And Steizer could yell out “S7 Sniper Incoming!”


I would love doubles, and a faster moving zone.

It’s too early for me to say about powerups, I like the frequency from my games so far (15ish).

Also I prefer to keep Disruptor over Sidekick, but would be good if the level up changes your equipped weapon so people can choose. One I don’t like is Commando/AR. At that point I would prefer Commando/Mangler.

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Yeah or keep it simple. AR/Sidekick starts, + allow weapons to be dropped. If I kill someone with a Battle Rifle, I should be able to pick it up.

I do agree about the circle.

Also would be cool to see a 1 life mode. Maybe everybody spawns in with overshield that only depletes via damage.

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  1. Yes, bring in the zone a bit earlier, but make the earlier version a gentle nudge and not aggressive.
  2. Doubles would be great. 24 would be a bit crowded I think, though.
  3. Agreed, I always skip the first upgrade.
  4. I’m still trying to figure out the drops. Some matches they are littering the field, other times I can’t seem to find them if I try.
  5. Not sure how I feel about about the no upgrades, it’s a big part of what makes the game type interesting.
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The no upgrades would JUST be for the ranked version to make the mode feel more balanced, fair and consistent. The social mode would stay intact with the upgrades.

I think the zone isn’t fast enough. Too many people trying to camp.
More players with be to hecktick. I think there is almost too many players.
The piston got a buff from this season so this would make it to easy. in some cases the pistol is better than the BR.
Camo and OV definely drops to quickly and to small of areas for the map.
Lets not get to haste about the ranking yet. Making this ranked without perfecting it would cause alot of issues.

Very good points by everybody so far in this thread.

I’d add that the danger zone in the showdown really disadvantages the player who ends up losing the first battle, assuming both players have respawns left. By the time the player gets back into the play area, they’ve received quite some damage. This is countered by the fact that the player who is already in the circle might get surprised, so I’ll keep playing more to form a firm opinion.

What definitely needs to be changed is the fact you don’t get progress towards the “complete LSS matches” challenge if you quit before the game ends. I highly doubt this challenge will come up frequently enough so that players suicide 5 times to cheese it.

Agreed, but we have to have the ability to keave once we are out of lives and our progress and everything show. We do get it eventually, but its kinda messed me up on challenegs a few times.

If i run out early, id like to keave and start hunting for a new gane if i want. I just finished 3 challenges within 90 seconds in a match, but loat all kives within 2 minutes. Im now sitting here, 10 minutes later, STILL waiting for the match to end, just so the challenges updaye properly and can work on the next 3.

Just ket me leave and progress and match xp progressing properly, and i can even handle the small issues the mode seems to have already mentioned here

I get that, I’m just saying that the upgrade system is what encourages engagements. Without that then avoidance and survival will make the game boring.

I’d like to actually play it with my friends.

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Loadouts 2 and 3 I find are objectively worse than loadout 1. The danger zone should move faster and completely encompass the map. Currently there is a spot on the center tower in which 1 player can get stuck on bottom and the other on top. It’s just a stand off.

I’m digging the mode a lot more now.

I’ve been thinking this as well. An S7 with 4 rounds or a SPNKR with 2 rockets are a couple of power weapons that could work well, and promote players to fight for an advantage rather than just hiding until the end.


I like the ideas! I like the new game mode in concept, but have yet to really hit my stride playing it. With some tweaking and more available maps I think it could become something really fun

Limited lives, similar to battle royal, modern FFA. I’d much rather play BTB.

having overshields/camo be marked like in usual gamemodes would do a lot to help the game. as well as having weapon pickups enabled. as it stands, if one falls behind a few kills, one can be rather rapidly disincentivized to keep trying.

if you manage to kill someone that has higher-tier weaponry than you, your reward should not just be XP but also the use of that gun for that life- provided you can pick up the gun.

picking up guns is so core to Halo, and so core to “Battle Royales,” it feels really weird not to have in Last Spartan Standing.

the over shield and camo drops should be 1 every couple of minutes or 1 minute. it’s too frequent. I get making people go and engage in the fight is the goal but it’s just too much for people to get lucky in this 3rd party fest. the AR does not need to be in this mode. It does nothing and is nothing. I would like to see the needler in it’s place or even the plasma pistol. that can help combat the over shield issues. bit of extra health or shield would help doesn’t have to be the over shield but buff the regular stuff, again 3rd party bonfire, give some people some extra chances. I do agree you should be able to pick up weapons of your kill, lose it when you die. Overall I like the feel of the game. I have my complaints but it’s a good step of halo/battle royale.

Nothing “failed” 343 is just being stupid. It was hands-down my favorite mode. Went from not playing Infinite at all to playing it daily since the launch of season 2 “Lone Wolves” C’mon the name is “Lone Wolves”!!!

People just weren’t patient enough to get good at it. High stakes = high fun.

You quickly learn how to deal with overshields and camo players. And let’s not forget you can you get those things too lol

  1. It depends how fast players are dying. Think it is fine where it’s at.
  2. Sure!
  3. I LOVE the disrupter and would often win games with it, never upgrading.
  4. Disagree, you learn how to deal with powerups, and when to use them.
  5. Not sure how I feel about this one.

One thing is for sure, 343 f’d up.