Last Man Standing Challenges Bugged If You Leave Match After Being Eliminated

In the patch notes it says:

Please note that when leaving a Last Spartan Standing session before it ends, some Challenges will not update until that match ends. If you left a match early due to being eliminated, it may take several minutes for that match to end and your Challenge progress to update.

However, I left match after being eliminated and waited 20 minutes and my challenges never updated with the progress I earned that match.

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Restart your game, quit to dash oars close down and start up again. Challenges will progress then apparently.

FFA challenges are broken so if that isn’t progressing it’s because nothing counts towards it. Oversight by the 343 team.

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I will give it a try next session, thanks.

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Can confirm this has been happening to me, most infamously with the “Complete X number of matches”. I think if you leave after the notification pops up, it still counts as you DC’ing from the game (and thus the game isn’t complete because you didn’t stay around in Spectator Mode for the agonising 10+ Minuite wait time for the match to finish), meaning you can’t finish this challenge…despite your involvement in the match being complete at that point.

This has happened on other Achievements as well for me, and has persisted from Season 1.


This bug still in the game. When I left it doesn’t count and I don’t win any XP. Is that normal? It’s like I haven’t play any round.