Last man standing challenge system is bad game design

So before the recent update, aside from all the bugs and design flaws with challenges which I’m not counting, you had a system which made sense. You have 3-4 active challenges, progress is evaluated at match end to prevent people leaving early once the objectives are met, and once this is done new challenges replace the ones you’ve finished. All makes sense.

Last Spartan Standing doesn’t function within this framework atall given they allow you to leave when lives are depleted. Again, even ignoring bugs and design flaws people are noting, you now have a situation where challenge progress is not forfeited when you leave a match early, nor is it granted when you do so. Instead it is granted at some arbitrary time in the future when that match finishes. You can start a new match in that time, however the challenges active at the start of that new match might be fulfilled already by the previous match once it finishes. Does this lose you progress? Almost certainly.

The thing is purely from a design point of view this system isn’t fit for purpose. How did it get designed this way? If you had match xp or challenges that could be updated when you leave a match instead of exclusively on match completion it might work but in it’s current iteration it simply doesn’t.

I don’t really have a question to add or anything, I’m just confused how this happened tbh.