Last hope hinges on launch day

Everything up until today was pretty perfect as was the opening sequence with Chief’s suit being assembled and Cortana providing narration. The music was very evocative as well. But, I don’t understand why the Brutes have been made to look like deformed humans. These new Brutes have deep voices and everything, but I cannot take them seriously. Atriox is intelligent and sounds like it, which made me respect him as an enemy. Tartarus was an aggressive pawn who was a brute to his core, and his actions showed it. These new ones… I’m not so sure. Other races look great though. I’m especially glad to see 343i got rid of the big lumbering Elites.

I don’t mind sprint and the grappling hook as long as both are implemented properly, but the gameplay (movement and weapon designs) is giving off some heavy DOOM Eternal vibes… without the enjoyable mature content. There’s no blood and no ragdoll physics. Everything looks more plasticky than Halo 5. I don’t see any of the weapons and vehicles I have come to love, including some of the new stuff like the Mantis and Railgun.

I hope this game lives up to the hype that was built up because I want it to do well and usher in a new generation of unforgettable games. But, launch day really will be my last hope for a game that’s Halo through and through. There are some concerning elements to what was shown today, but I think it’s best for everyone to hold final judgment until we get to play the game. Bringing up DOOM again, the first game from 2016 was heavily criticized before launch and yet it turned out to be one of the greatest games of all time. Perhaps this will be the case for Infinite as well.