Last fall damage topic

I just want to state this probably 1 out of a 100 topics of fall damage but I just want to say that 343 hasn’t confirmed fall damage in halo 4’s finished game there are many people saying it is or it’s isn’t I just want to know and I want the confusion to end thank you for listening to my topic have a great day and I am sorry for this thread.

Fall damage is in.

Do we really need so many counter-threads?

> Fall damage is in.

I don’t really mind that it’s in. You can still turn it off in customs/forge. :slight_smile:

This won’t be the last fall damage thread. Soon, another will take it’s place and the chaos will come back. This is the reason why we exist; to impose order on the chaos of organic life through simple, but effective means such as replying on internet boards. Sadly, our solution won’t work anymore. :frowning:

Fall damage is in for Halo 4.

Fall damage doesn’t bother me all that much. I’ve heard that its been toned down…

I doubt this will be the last topic…kind of naive to think so.

I said by last topic because I hope it will be the end of the confusion of fall damage and I kind of dought that fall damage is in because I heard what Bravo said about it and yes I saw the one minute part but he was shot and I watch another video that was on the same map and did the same thing and didn’t have fall damage. But I guess we will find out in the finished game and again to me haveing fall damage in halo 4 doesn’t make sense to me please reply back to this comment.