Last chance to join the best company online! FOTG

I’m sure there are other fine companies our there but don’t miss this LAST CHANCE to be part of the best. We have top tier players… but we’re not “try hards”, we’ve never once “farmed” a game (love to see how fast we can win in warzone), and our number one priority is always to be friendly to one another and to have fun. We have a full warzone group almost every night and we have a blast playing together. Of course we are actively working to unlock Achilles armor.

Our company is almost full. We’ve got 12 open spots but 5 of them a reserved for players who plan to transfer. So right now we’d be interested in having 7 more active players join us. Because of the limited space priority will be given to higher ranks or most active players. Ideally you would be able to play several nights a week.

If you are interested reply or shoot me a message.