LASO (Mythic difficulty)

How hard do you think it would be to beat halo 1-4 on LASO (The legendary Master Chief Saga playlist) I plan on doing it with my M8’s on the night of my birthday. Has anyone done it? If so how F** am I? (Gunna livestream it on my twitch btw)

It’s hard very hard. Feels almost impossible I’ve only ever done 1 mission laso and it’s torture. Eventually I want to beat the whole saga on laso but I can never get past first mission

1 night for all four games?! I’d set a more realistic goal, because that… is pretty much impossible if you plan on leaving the house in the next two days (for us normal people who can’t play for endless hours, and are not veritable ninjas with controllers as extensions of their bodies). I’ve beaten H3, ODST, H4 and most of H2 (before it glitched and reset it twice). Suggestion: Co-op (like you said). Second suggestion: Any campaign but Halo 1 or Halo 2. ODST can be done in 6 hours. That’s the shortest LASO campaign you’ll find. Third Suggestion: Look up youtube videos for speed running and LASO walkthroughs. There are some pretty neat little tricks you can use to skip annoying fights.

Best of luck.