LASO / Legendary Lite

Most of the walkthroughs of LASO or Legendary I’ve seen use cheat weapons (scorpion gun) or massive skips, this seems cheap to me. I think players resort to this due to aimbot nature of snipers, elites and brutes, if you are seen by these you are basically dead in the time to kill for the weapon. Why not create a new Legendary sub level allows better tactics to work, making it challenging and feel less cheap. Possibly using the multiplayer adaptive AI to train on the best players to generate a set of legendary enemy avatars in place of the aimbots. For legendary lite, allow infinite ammo on the sidekick when no secondary weapon is equipped, this seems like a fair trade off (call it Legendary Gunslinger skull)another possibility could be to allow an ammo crate in a seat of the warthog, trade off would be you need to keep it safe (Legendary wartHoarder)