LASO Don't be afraid to try

Iv’e never been up to laso standard of playing, but just wanted to share this for less experienced players, currently been stuck on 4th part of Harbinger fight, no doubt I’ll end it by luck at some point 1day

It’s a grind for sure to get through it, It doesn’t have to be an achievement that never get’s done for some, here are some tips that helped me.

  • Patience is a virtue, and a spot of paper on tv where your gunsight is supposed to be really helps
  • The tank gun and Dynamo grenades are really useful
  • The invincible glitch is easily done, and helps with open world, capturing fob’s etc, it stops working when doing levels, banished outposts etc, I did all levels as didn’t want to risk any level skips
  • Try to leave a grunt or enemy that is easily punched until last, to re-charge your shields so you get a checkpoint, cutscenes are useful to see how your shields are. Punch any enemy that’s close enough just to be sure.
  • 1st encounter with skimmers is easy, grapple up one of the tall pillars to a ledge, can easily spam them all with dynamo grenades in safety from up there
  • The gondular ride with all the sentinels is easy, can just hide under walkway ledge and move out of sight when they approach, can take out 1 or 2 easily enough.
  • Jager can be taken out easily just using dynamo grenades and backing off to stairs as he rarely follows you onto the stairs
  • Escharam can be taken out with a 1 shot kill with tank gun
  • Use load game as have been problems with continue game not loading in all the skulls