LASO done No Achievement a week later

I finally finished LASO a week ago and did not get the achievement on completion, when I googled it they said it could take a week or so, but a week later and I still have not gotten it, this really sucks I put alot of effort towards it and this is the only achievement I need to have all of them done

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What game? If MCC, have you finished it on legendary solo? Some games you need to do that first i think.

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Halo Infinite I did it without the tank gun or the pelican, didnt glitch it in anyway

Weird, that should have popped up (even if you use the tank gun).

Have you always used “load game” and not “continue” because the latter sometimes is buggy where it doesn’t recognise/put on every skull, so that might caused the game to not see it as a full laso run.

Just to be sure: you did put every skull on i assume?

We’re you “offline”? Maybe there’s a delay because of that.

Maybe the new update messed it up :hushed:

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been researching this since i beat laso and it seems like something with the season 2 update broke the achievement.

Yeah all skulls and I used load game each time, did it again recently in one session no loads and still no achievement

Hopefully the fix they do doesnt require me to complete it a third time and will count the progress I made previously lol

I have done it 6 times and still havent gotten the achievement.

I am a huge halo fan and will always love franchise but this has made me a little disappointed knowing that a company so big cant be bothered to fix a monior problem that the community work hard for.

Even if or when they fix it i reckon we will all have to do it again so we can get the achievement instead of it just given to for the past laso runs us the achievement.

Very sad to see nothing been done