Largest Multiplayer since H3 IMO

When you llook at it, H3 had the largest, most interactive and most efficient community. And the multiplayer, whether its matchmaking or custom, there were always thousands of people playing at all times. And it was semi-similar in Reach, but that was lost in H4 and the MCC. Now I look at H5 and see the biggest community and multiplayer coming with the release. And it’s to increase with Forge in December. And I’m so excited for the gameplay, youtube montages, forge maps, Absolutely ridiculous gameplay, and the return of old games like “Micheal Jackson” or “Halo” or other H3 classics. What in the H5 community are you lookng forward to most?

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Looking forward to slapping some split lips

That ranked gameplay is what immuh about. Plus clans… I mean spartan companies.

I personally think its gonna be epic

Looking forward to the playlists coming post launch, koth, oddball, one flag, doubles, assault, hardcore, btb, extraction, ricochet, and hopefully clan matches, multi team, and other social playlists that are missing.

Yeah I agree with all you guys! There are some stuff missing now, but later, things will get so much better!

A lot of things will be added later, so don’t worry!