Large update

For the first time in a few days, turned on my Xbox one. I was greeted to a message saying that Halo 5 needed a 35GB update. Did anybody else get this, or is my game messed up? If so, any solutions?

Just turned on mine and it didn’t give me the option for any update. but i checked in my HDD storage and it is now 81.4gb, i think it was around 60 last i checked, and that was i think after the update becuase i was checking dooms install progress.

Wierd. Check to see how much room Halo 5 is taking up on your HDD. If it is only ~50gigs, then you might have to download ALL of the updates.

Halo just kicked me off and said I need a 35gb update as well.

It wasn’t hog wild I can tell you that.

It’s all the members of the community finally getting through to the studio and they secretly made adjustments to areas that were desperately needed.


A 35 gb update?

When was the last time you played Halo? There hasn’t been that big of an update for a while now.

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> A 35 gb update?

Yeah, what is this, AC:unity…

That’s the size of the base game. Is it installed on an external HDD that’s now disconnected? It’ll force a download of the main game if so.

I think the last update I had was with the Reach one. Might be something with your HDD like others mentioned.