Large/Heavy Weapons

I know that it is nearly impossible to do this in H4, and if 343i they can, great. If not, oh well. One thing from H3 that I missed were some of the heavy weapons. Yes, they were bulky and slow to move in, but they were fun and interesting. It is like carrying around a minigun right now when you run around with the Gunner perk and capable of running slightly faster and mowing down unsuspecting enemies with it.

So why get rid of the missile pod and flamethrower? Surely they could have added more heavy weapons and still make it just as fun to use, as currently we just have the plasma gun and machinegun turret. Things like a huge shotgun or a big single shot rifle, or even a big gauss cannon would have been epic to use if given the chance. Maybe even something akin to the focus rifle that can melt away enemies if they stay in that line of fire for anymore than a couple of seconds.