large custom games

Hello, i have never done a topic before so i will try to keep it short.

me and my Xbox live friends use to play large custom game maps maxing out the amount of players aloud in a single game and playing some non normal halo reach games.

games such as “embassy” a game where there are 4 teams (Red, Green, Purple and brown) there is an embassy in the middle and the teams act like they are all there own country and they make alliances with other country’s to cover there own weaknesses and fight other larger country’s.

not all the games are like that but they are more fun as you get a bit more involved with the game other than the usual go in fight the other team(s) that you can find in matchmaking.

now these games died out for a while (3 years to be exact) because the original host stopped hosting them and I did host some when they were more popular but they died out when the normal host left as i could not get in contact with the original players but now i am looking for new players who would be interested in joining me and a few others rebuild the old games

if you are interested or would like to know more my Xbox live account is “The Doctor9533” you can message me over live or invite me to privet chat or a party if there is more of you with questions.

the only rules are that you respect the games and play them not like its halo reach but rather a different game with different rules and you have a working microphone.

the games are fun if you give them a try sometimes the starting can be abit slow trying to find other gamers who respect the rules and don’t mess around.

bottom line is I am trying to fine other gamers willing to try something new on halo reach if your interested contact me on xbox live “The Doctor9533”

P.S. sorry for any spelling mistakes i am dyslexic

OH and P.S again the game is on halo reach and no DLC is required as all the games are played on Forgeworld.