landfall video

was this actual footage from the cancelled halo movie or was it to promote halo 3

Halo Landfall was a trailer for Halo 3, it is not part of some larger movie.

I’m pretty sure that the person who directed it, Niell Blomkamp, WAS going to create a Halo movie later, but instead made District 9 due to money.

The costumes and warthog were created for the Halo Movie by Peter Jackson’s Weta studios. Weta Digital did all the digital work in the Landfall piece, too. While it was created as an advertisement for Halo 3, Landfall was also created to create hype for a Halo movie. When that didn’t happen, the director, Neill Blomkamp, and Peter Jackson moved on to District 9.

So, all the footage was strictly for Halo 3’s advertisement campaign, but a lot of the assets were originally for a Halo movie.