Land mine boundary triggers

Hello, Cartographers:
I’ve got a question about Land Mines… How do they work? Seriously, though - I’d like to script them to act as proximity mines (enter a boundary and boom) without getting too close to them. I’m trying to accomplish this with Anti-Vehicle Land Mines (Scriptable). Currently, any Land Mine I place (automatic or scriptable) does not trigger at all - not even if you step on it or bump it with a vehicle… They only blow up if they are shot. I’ve done a ton of research and tried reverse engineering other maps (including Alpine Rally Race), but I’ve honestly found nothing that explains the process of scripting boundary triggers on Land Mines. I think I’ve gotten close as some of my research has pointed me in the right direction, but it’s not complete. I have yet to trigger a Land Mine this way.

If anyone has done this or knows of a map that has implemented this idea, I would extremely appreciate any help with accomplishing this.

Ducain23? Wyvernzu? ForgeHub? Tom French?

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