Land grab on launch site is such a joke

the advantage for one team, is just ridiculous. they always spawn on the same side of the map with the useable vehicles as well as 2 of 3 locations. one of the locations, the one near the launch or lift is always closer for that team. for the opposite team it is typically 100+ meters and for the lucky team it is like 50. so lame.

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Launch Site is hands down the worse map in Halo history, period.

It’s bad on everything.

As I write this post… I get Land Grab on Launch Site.



It’s so bad that it almost makes me wonder is the map/mode combination was procedurally generated. Nobody with half a brain would have thought it would be any fun.

For Land Grab specifically there are issues, but I don’t think it can be slagged off as a map too much - I see it primarily as being design as an asymmetric map mainly for One Flag type modes and in that role I think it does well.

That said for other objective modes it does have significant balance issues


I hate how punishing land grab is on this map. If a team goes two down during a fight for the zones, they will lose that set every time. There’s not enough time to respawn and get back to the zones to stop a cap for almost every set of zones.

Launchsite is such a garbage map. One side gets: 2 solid vehicles, cinder\rockets and quick route to other spawn. Other side gets snipe\skewer and maybe OS\camo. Oh and a mongoose. Nice one 343 :roll_eyes:

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You know, I’ve never quite understood all of the hate for the map (I really like SWAT on it), but when you put it like that it doesn’t sound fun.

I like this map for one-flag and swat and think it’s okay for slayer and fiesta (only the vehicles should be fixed for slayer and fiesta, because they are to one-sided).

But for Land Grab i do believe this map is realy bad.

Bacause maps just unable to work for everything without some tweaks, weapon placement changes etc.
It’s funny how in H5 343 made some changes of maps based on feedback, but in Infinite nearly nothing was changed exepts btb.
As for my experience with Launch Site, I hate slayer on it. I don’t know why but I’m loosing 99% of slayer games on this map, it’s like a curse:)

The map is awful in general it plays so awful

One flag works very good on launch site. Land grab doesnt work on launch site. Land grab works best symmetric maps.

It really doesn’t.

The defending team can shut out the attacking team easily due to how boxed in it is.

However, if the attacking team is better than the defending team by even the smallest margin, all they need to do is get it past the point of no return.

The point of no return on Launch Site is that truck in the middle of the central open area. Due to sight lines, spawns and weapons, it’s simply not possible to defend the flag once it’s passed there.

Anyone who says launch site is a good map is objectively wrong. It is not and never has been a good map in any way shape or form.

Exactly, one flag is great on launch site and should be the only mode on that map… but there are so few maps I guess 343 has no choice but to load in other game modes on the map… why not try it as a BTB map for a week and see how it goes among the community but even up the vehicles…. Anything new and even experimental is better than what we got now…

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Launch site is good for Slayer and that is about it IMO.

Spawns on launch site are such a joke. Every match I play on this map spawns me at least 2-3 times either right next to enemies or in direct sight of them. Alternatively, I’ll be weak, running for cover and an entire enemy team will spawn right behind me.