Land Grab isn't fun

I’m just not digging it. All there is to it. Seems every team I get paired up with doesn’t know what a grenade is.

If you hate grenade spam this is not the mode for you, lol.


For real?

Damn i was looking forward to it when id wrapped up tutoring for the day. That blows.



It’s just not all that fun IMO. It’s like… well it’s like strongholds but not cool.


Ugh, i was hoping for something more like warpath in doom2016.
Hadnt read any info aside the name full disclosure.


I didn’t know what to expect either. I was expecting something like, idk, elimination? Elimination Land Grab would be KINDA’ COOL but as it stands it’s just bleh.


I have to admit I was very underwhelmed with Land grab it feels like King of the Hills boring cousin I feel Land grab which is king of the hill almost with more lands should have been put on BTB not in Arena, I think it would be more fun in BTB

Also Instead of telling us where the new incoming lands are going to be make us guess Seriously you here incoming land and you see where they are going to be so you just run there ahead of time while the other team run to a second land 1 point a piece and then you fight for the third land, boring but what if they don’t show you where the next three will be making it a guessing game once they spawn that would make it a little more fun.

Serious Land grab needs to be in BTB I mean they still have not given us one new game mode in BTB since the game released.


Its a fun gamemode, 5 objectives and you can only get them once. Of course you probably can’t get them all unless you’re a good player.

Don’t take his word for it. He said its his opinion. Play it for yourself.


We tend to have similar gameplay tastes.
Ive read loads of their posts.
Ill try it out for sure but i expect it wont be my scene with this information on hand.

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I like your emphasis on he/his when my pronouns are right there.

I like you. I’m surprised and saddened there’s not a friends list feature on here.


Stay classy spartan kara, we dont always have the same opinions but i respect your opinions regardless.


You’re a real one, Modod.


Yeah, I was expecting either a moving Hill or like the other mode in Doom 2016 where there’s two hills at a time and when you capture one you have to defend and hold it for your team for like 15 seconds before it disappears and gives you a point.

As it stands, its basically just King of the Hill’s little sibling with 2-3 small, quicker to capture points. I didn’t hate it on my first impression, but it didn’t really feel innovative as a standalone mode.


Ya so, land grab is quite sucky.
Not a fan but damn do i like the cosmetics.
Damn you and your awful progression 343i!


I got the bug where a hill couldn’t be captured, so it ended by the timer. Sounds like the upcoming update will fix that.

I think one issue is that the hills are in random places. It suffers from the same problem Stronghold has where sometimes a team has an advantage because of where it spawns. This is far less of a problem in the smaller 4v4 maps, thankfully.

I like that the game shrinks to only having two hills when one team is close to winning. I think they have to be one point away for this to happen.


Yeah, the new armor’s pretty cool. I won’t be wearing it I don’t think, just not my type of thing, honestly…? Now if we ever get the cool Drengr stuff, hello! That’d be perfect. But I’ll still TRY to get to 30 on this. The armor coating I want is at 29, because I’m a sucker for blue and white. >:/


It is pretty iffy.

It’s definitely an interesting feature. Trouble is, with friendly fire off, grenade spam is unavoidable… and since the hill isn’t -maintained- but point-on-capture, it is literally not worth fighting or defending it, but dying as you get the last point. It isn’t a very proactive gametype and I don’t enjoy it as a result.


I agree on all counts

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It’s not bad. The huge problem is that it’s only playable on 4 maps. It’s going to get repetitive as ish very fast. 2 small and two mediumish sized maps.

Why couldn’t they use all of the smaller maps and BTB maps and zone off different areas per game or round?


This gametype will play very different with friendly fire on for sure. The dynamic about if you stay on the platform or not, to die on it to try to cap it or not, functions just like the question about if it’s a better choice to flee and wait for shields to recharge or push and make it worth dying. It’s a tough call a lot of the time. Many matches are about fighting for and defending the people who are actually on the point.


My first match was on Behomoth… (with ARs) I very nearly stopped playing after the game.

But then I had Catalyst. The fight for B in top mid was pretty epic…

I think I would have preferred King of the Hill or Jugganaught. Or even the event not being event specific.


im enjoying it more than koth mainly because the matches last longer. I dont want to search for a match, just to play a short match. thats also why i didnt play attrition. matches are too short.