Land Grab is just Total Control with a not very fresh coat of paint

This “new” game mode with a few slight changes 343 calls Land Grab is just Arena Total control and it’s already become stale, especially after the banger LSS was with its event and new game mode. If you don’t care for TC or King of the Hill and already don’t play it in you’re free time like me, forcing yourself to play this week event is going to be miserable which blows because this new EagleStricke armor core looks really good.

Each has there own thoughts, I’m enjoying it, playing it on catalyst reminded me of happy days playing Territories on lockout.

Never heard anyone complain about basically the same game type on mcc, it’s basically territories re-named.

Yes, it’s similar.

No, that doesn’t automatically make it bad.

Yes, it is OK to not love every game mode.

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