LAN Server throw-back

In my local circle, we grew up with Matt McNeil (MLG Halo nerd and competitive something or other at Blizzard now) kicking the -Yoink- out of everyone in <insert any Halo title here>, which included nights at our friend Bryan’s house where we had several Xbox and grossly miscolor CAT5 cable run from the living room to one of the upstairs rooms.

Shouting up and down at each other’s teams, along with the muffled celebrations and cries of agony on whatever idiotic/torturous Forge map we loaded.

The modern era has really gotten away from that, but most of us have several consoles/desktops/etc, so the cross platform LAN means we can slap together people at any of our homes.

Time to be toxic to my friends again. :smiley:

(Link to Xbox - Peyton Manning trash talk commercial)