LAN Party style multiplayer gameplay and patches

We have a group of 10+ players who like to play Halo 3 together on two big-screen TV’s. It’s the best thing ever. We bought two XBox One’s and two copies of Halo MCC because we thought a miracle had happened.

Then we saw this:

Now, in theory we can accept that we HAVE to use the normal online multiplayer. If latency is still minimal as it should be for two systems in the same house, this is fine. And we can understand that 343 cannot fix the basic roadblock Microsoft put up with forcing every profile to be tied to an email and a live account [side note: jerk move #7923457. There’s no way I can simply be JoshS when Im playing against just my friends. I have to be someone unique in the entire world, I have to be registered, to do something in my own house with my own friends. Not at all an unfriendly move.] Bit is it Microsoft as well or some kind of enforced limitation that phased out System Link? I wonder if anyone knowledgeable could comment on that.

For a game with such an obvious “retro” purpose it’s such a mistake not to honor how these games were played, and not to recognize how hugely fun this kind of gameplay can be, compared to a bunch of players isolated in separate homes.

That being said, ok fine if there are limitations, let’s work within those. Can you, as of 11/24 create a game, and have 4 specific players join up on one side, against 4 specific players on another side or is that never a goal that can be achieved? Can you have players signing out on one system and signing back in on the other, i.e. trading a player?

On successive matches will there be, or is there, a way to keep the players on the same time for as long as theyre physically on the same system? It’ll never make sense the way we play (or much of anyone playing 4-player splitscreen) for my opponent’s screen to be visible below me.

In general I would just like for some official input on what issues covered in the reddit post have or will be addressed.

In my own group of 10+ players, we are overwhelmed at the chance to play each other in all these games at 60FPS on one unified platform, together, on two consoles. But we’ve been stuck with Halo 3 for the longest time - we tried with Reach, we tried with 4, and there have always been showstopping problems. In Reach it was horrifyingly simple - it was like some developer just never bothered to set parameters that worked for 4-player. In other cases I fear it’s been almost as simple. Yes playing together is not trending, but guess why. The measliest bit of attention and testing in this area would go a long way. I almost suspect the broad testing model is a bunch of individuals & individual feedback so this is what slips through the cracks. Please don’t tell us we’re screwed again, this is 2014, work the good magics already.

Mmm, I think you’re asking can you LAN the MCC?

The answer to that question is Yes you can LAN it. Now you can’t LAN the game without an internet connection because it needs to verify your copy of the games on both of the boxes.

My understanding of how the LAN works is as follows: Both boxes need to be hooked up on a LAN and that LAN needs to be connected to the internet, you log into the game and create a custom lobby. When you start that game with both boxes in the lobby it then jumps off of the internet and starts using the LAN connection. You’ll need to manually change teams every game because once a game completes it changes the teams randomly but you can change them back by going into the rooster and selecting the player like xxxweedgokuhitlerxxx(2) and change team, it’s just tedious.