LAN Lounge is looking for a HALO group to sponsor

LAN Lounge is a new idea and group being developed by a few designers and former leaders of other gaming groups. Several of its members have been playing competitively in clans and the gaming universe for over 10 years. Having experience in art and design as well as managing large groups we have decided to try something new in the gaming community.

We are looking for one group to help in HALO on Xbox One. This group needs to have atleast 6-10 members and be willing to grow. You will continue to lead your group without any interference from myself or my staff.

Should your group get selected this is what we offer:

-A website you can call home, this is maintained by our designers and staff
-Events, awards, and prizes
-Apparel designed by our designers
-Much more…

You will find out more information during a meet with myself in a party on Xbox One.

If you and your group are interested please contact me on Xbox One.

We want to bring the community of gamers back to the fun and enjoyment from the early LAN party days.

Help us spread this new vision.

Seems interesting, I’ll talk to my leader about it.

Awesome! We look forward to hearing from you and your group. Also if anyone has questions I can do my best to answer them in this thread as well.

Hello im the CEO and founder of the Special Forces clan and if I could talk with one of you for more info contact the gamertag listed below

GT- BionicGamer65

YT- BionicGamer65B


I am leader of HoW Gaming, one of the most successful Halo clans around. We already have a website and three sponsors to our name, but would be interested in seeing what you had to offer. This is what HoW Gaming could offer you however:

93% win rate, we are proven winners and have beaten some of the best clans around.

Players who have competed in MLG events, are regulars in PGL, and who have won local LAN tournaments as well as many other types of tournies

We have several players who stream with more starting up soon

A proven track record and a good name. HoW Gaming is a proven, and competent group. If you are interested message me on XBL. GT: Necrocyde

@BionicGamer65- We took a look at your website and believe you have a nice set up. However we do not believe that you share the same concept and vision that we wish to build with our community.

@Necrocyde- We are impressed by your success and your obvious want to expand. We helped develop sites on Enjin several years ago but we find that the lack of flexibility and control over back up using that site enjin makes it a non viable long term source. Our designers would be able to provide you with a professional logo, branding, and marketing of merchandise such as T-shirts, hats, and more. We would be interested to find your ideas and thoughts on the way gaming should be. Please PM on here and we can discuss more in depth before setting up a meeting.

Thank you.