LAMBDA RESPONSE TEAM, is a group of Halo veteran gamers whose objective is complete all the achievements of Halo Saga.

We are searching for those Spartans and ODST who wants achieve concrete, some or all achievements of any Halo game (including Halo Wars). If you want complete an especific achievement in any Halo game contact with us and we’ll help you.

This is a clan for all the Halo gamers who wants improve in the UNSC and Halo Waypoint careers.

We DON’T ask for:

  • Concrete rank or level- Especific armor emblems - Especific armors or colors - Concrete Timetables- Desvinculation with other clans
    Our mission is return to the Halo classic games and complete all the achievements that we couldn’t complete before (from the Vidmaster Challenges of Halo 3 to multiplayer achievements in Halo 4 and the future Halo games that will come)

We want to fight for the impossible, win the impossible, because play Halo in company, is better.

If you wanna join to this UNSC SPEC OPS group:

  • Contact with SaffronAermo on Xbox Live- Send him a report of the achievements that you want to succeed.- Wait for the deploymentWe want to create a big clan of Halo gamers to develop a community of people able to help each other to rise the Halo glory with a fellowship atmosphere.

-Per audacia ad astra-