FIX UR CRAPPY SERVERS!!! I have an upload speed of over 200 Mbps and 57 latency yet I still experience laggy gameplay pretty much every 3 out of 5 games. I am tired of seeing players disappearing and the delayed button response that comes with these crappy servers. I think its crap that one can have really fast internet speed but because of the location of these servers it renders it almost useless!!!

Please fix this issue!!! That is all…

Amen just posted just about the same thing verbatim.

You mean *download speed

Where are you located. I don’t seem to have an issue in HTX. I have decent internet as well. Not great, I rarely experience lag though.

I agree. At least 4-5 deaths a game are because the opponent is laggy and all the shots come at once.

I’m located in Arizona… I hate these servers man as soon as I see someone I’m dead lol my shield is gone even before I see them. The only time I can actually enjoy playing this game is when I play late at night because this seems like the only time the gameplay is not as laggy!!! So much for getting to Onyx rank when i can’t even beat unranked opponents lol