Laggy killcams??

I decided to post this due to boredom, but anyway what the hell, has anybody noticed the killcams are a bit weird?, like once I watched how this guy killed me, and his reticle was miles off, but it was highlighted red, I know I wasnt lagging at all, it was just really strange, and that wasnt the first time it had happened, its every other death.

Don’t notice. I skip killcams right away.

I and others get the same. Another unfinished unpolished aspect of halo 4. Welcome to the beta lol

The kill cams shouldn’t even be in halo. Sometimes I see the final kill and sometimes it doesn’t even show it. During the game however I don’t even watch them. I haven’t seen one that was accurate in over 200 games.

I don’t watch the Kill Cams because they always show my killer shooting a kilometre away from my Spartan body yet managing to kill me.

Kill Cams would be pretty cool if they actually worked.

i have only seen one accurate kill cam.
even when the final kill cam works and its my kill it still doesn’t look right