Laggy Firefight

Everytime I try to play firefight the game is very delayed and laggy. I have a good connection with relatively low ping but that doesn’t seem to make a difference.

Has anybody had the same problem and did you manage to fix it?
If so , how?

Firefight over Xbox live is extremely laggy unless you get lucky and is selected as host (random). I’ll let someone else that knows more than me explain but I read somewhere 360 consoles couldn’t handle all the enemies spawning and updating every single thing like explosions phantoms spawns enemy spawns over Xbox live very well if this is true some please confirm or tell us why the lag is so bad I’d like 2 know my self it makes it a lot less enjoyable by a mile :slight_smile:
EDIT: or maybe a software program within the game couldn’t take care of all the spawns and we get lag. If I’m saying anything right confirm please! :))

Been happening since reach released. Not going to change anytime soon either I suppose.