Lagging - TWC issue?

Since I purchased Halo 5, I’ve been experiencing lag in almost every single game I’ve played. Multiplayer games start, then the other players just run into walls, and I can run around but can’t shoot anyone or pick up any weapons. I am then transported to another part of the map, and I’ve died a couple of times. I’m even seeing this behavior in a custom game with only me in it. Eventually games lag me out and I get kicked back to a red screen.

My connection is through Time-Warner Cable, and I have their 50/5 package. Every other game works perfectly fine, and all of my other devices have no issues. TWC claims it’s an issue with the game and not my connection, but using my AT&T mobile hotspot allows me to play the game just fine.

I’ve seen some other reports of this, but I’m pretty much stuck since TWC claims it’s not them, and I can’t seem to get anyone to assist me with the issue. I was planning to buy another console so my kids could play Halo with me, but at this point I don’t see the point in spending more money on this.

Check your ping even though you have good up/down a bad ping to the server will cause lag.

Since your AT&T connection is fine it probably is an issue with Time-Warner. (ISP’s in my experience never admit fault!)

I had a similar issue with another game where my ISP’s automated system logged the game I was playing as P2P traffic and throttled my connection. It lasted about a month before the weight of complaints on there forum forced them to address the issue!