Lagging and stuttering

Can anyone help me with the problem have with Halo: The master chief collection? It lags and freezes for a second whenever I used keyboard in mouse. It doesnt happen when I use a controller. The problem only seems to happen when I download it Halo: MCC on the Microsoft store and doesnt happen when downloaded on Steam. ( I tested it with my brothers computer. He had the same problem) I do not want to spend money on Steam to buy a game I already own. The videos on youtube dont seem to work or solve my problem. I know Halo: MCC worked fine on my computer cause I’ve played on with before with no problem at all, but when I reset my computer and redownloaded MCC the problems arose. Does anyone have a fix for this? My computer is a Razer blade 15 2019

As this appears to be an issue with your game, we recommend heading over to for further assistance. Please review the latest known issues and submit a ticket if your issue is not listed.