Lag, silly perks, unbalanced maps, ugh.

Been playing Halo forever. Went to Halo-fest from far, far away. 1000’s of matches. I buy everything. I read everything. I evangelize for the franchise.

And I think I’m just about done.

Played for 90 minutes or so tonight. The lag was horrible, even when other games ran normally in the house. The kIllcams were maddening (worst invention ever by the way as they only make me madder when they show the guy facing West and I’m East of him and I still am getting killed.

Big Team games on Exile over and over no matter the lobby and I’m always red spawn every game. So if you have any pickup players at all, you’re down 10 kills in the first minute because of the ridiculous idea to give one team a gauss cannon and not the other team. Then, because we’re all dead, they get every other vehicle on the map, and then have perks to make the vehicles last longer and cool down faster etc. Then they all get their ordinance before any of our guys, all get power weapons and destroy us.

The reason Halo was great was because it was so balanced. Everyone had the same chance at the same weapons and skill and strategy decided the game. No longer.

Grenades are done wrong. Games still going when they are unbalanced teams is wrong. Etc. etc.

I NEVER though I would say I might be done with Halo.

But I think I’m pretty much done. My relaxing downtime tonight was so maddening and frustrating and angering that it’s just not even worth it. I’ll just play something else.