Lag problems.

Has anyone notice when you play in the last 24 hours the game is laggy? Please tell me what happens when you go into matchmaking.

It’s been all right for me. I always hate to say this, seems so cliché, but “maybe it’s a problem on YOUR end?”

Are you playing co-op campaign or Spartan Ops?

It’s in matchmaking. Big team slayer. I go in and it lags.

Yeah, I was just in a BTB match with some guy from Saudi Arabia and France. And a few games before that we played with a couple of guys from Colombia.

I think I may have had a couple of extremely laggy players here and there, but not entire matches. Not to be an -Yoink-, but did you check your NAT setting? I’ve actually seen something happen at my old place where I got a “Your NAT is not OPEN” warning in-between games, and I had my network manually configured and hadn’t messed with it in a year or so. It was definitely odd.