Lag out of Ranked, get banned

I played 2 matches in a row in ranked Solo/Duo on M&K. 1st game, I lagged out and it said “no internet” even though I was connected the whole time. Had to restart my PC to fix that one. 2nd game I crashed, which is weird because I have never crashed in this game before.
Now I have a ranked ban. I know there isn’t really anything I can do about it but I thought I would share because I am annoyed. The only reason I was playing ranked was to do challenges anyways.

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I’m pretty sure you can appeal if you wanted to:

Especially with the condition the game is operating in, lag outs and crashes need to be addressed.

At least in beta most bans could be successfully appealed. It’s worth a shot.

Man this happened to me too, 3 ranked games, was doing good. There should be an option to rejoin current match. This was a feature on H5? Why was it dropped on infinite? Like, “Match in progress, press A to rejoin” Why would I want to quit a game I was winning? ffs

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Appealing a 10 minute ban takes 10 minutes.

How about a rejoin last match option. Should not be so hard. Single API call to the servers to know last match status. If it is live, show option to rejoin. That’s it. Small overlay. A to rejoin, B to dismiss. If you dismiss, you get the ban. It would take 10 minutes to implement this to the source code, hardest part would be localization.

Why bother testing it? Seems like they don’t test their code anyway, BTB is still broken


No it shouldn’t, especially considering you can do this for Quickplay easily even without the technical explanation on how it’s done.

The framework clearly exists, it should be added to ranked.

It’s a standard in literally every other game with a competitive mode because it’s the one thing that prevents your entire team from suffering a defeat they can’t pull away from, and allows the player who did leave to redeem themselves and help out their team, it should’ve been standard here too.


I just created a ticket I got banned after continuous lag outs and getting a clear AMD driver bug report afterward to go along with it. I’ve spent so much time gaining back lag outs now finally banned….

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Same problem, super frustrating. Also having an issue where I’ll get a pop up on PC that I’ve logged into my gamertag (obviously already was since I’m playing) and I have to click “let’s go!” Then when my next game starts I’m always glitched into some random wall on the map and can’t play or control anything. When I leave I get banned.