Lag is terrible, Have you tested the play outside of the US?

The lag is terrible. Even if you hide behind a wall, you die. Armor doesn’t take any damage, etc. It’s a big stress. This is not only me, but many players in my country are talking about it.

It’s better than games that don’t match at all, like Halo MCC and Halo 5 when they were first launched. But this time, the stress caused by lag is very high because the challenge demands a lot of different play.

In addition, I’ve had two consecutive instances where I was forced to play a challenge that required me to play in a ranked match, but I couldn’t get people to match in the 30 minute matchmaking session. The experience is so bad that players are leaving. We recommend that this be addressed as soon as possible.

It’s desync, I’m UK, my ping is usually around 10-15, yet my shots sometimes still take a full second to register and shot through walls etc.

They’re aware but haven’t really given a direct answer about it yet.

Hopefully after the pinned update, they’re back at work and will start working on these things and keep us updated on progress.

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Same im from Ireland and its where one of the two servers are in the EU and my games are terrible. Can have 10ms to 15ms and there is still lag. I think 343 forget about servers that are not in the USA to be honest.



I prefer servers outside brazil (where i live) because brazilian server gives lots of desync, even though ping is far lower

The H5 had this problem, and it’s the same now
The server has a good delay and no packet loss.
I prefer to call it the problem of the game network code.

Now the biggest problem is that you can’t choose your own server, often randomly assign servers, and the legacy network code problem.

Trying to get 5 fiesta wins, my last challenge of this week. Last 4 games have been terribly impacting by lag.

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It’s not even exclusive to outside the US. I live in the Central US, have FIOS, and still experience desync, rubber banding, and general lagginess. There’s something seriously wrong with the servers.