Lag is ruining Halo 4...

Dear 343i
Why does Halo 4 still lag at levels far beyond Reach and Halo 3?
It’s been over 3 months since Halo 4 came out, and frankly I haven’t seen any improvement in the lag.
My main issues is lag that is so bad that it can’t be compensated for by leading your shoits a little, etc, and Black screen.
When it lags so badly that you don’t spawn (and neither does your team), why not just award the other team the win right there and then. It’d be more fun that finally spanwing and getting spawn killed, due to your incompetency in not doing anything about this lag.

One last note is that apparently the Grifball playlist has more priority than fixing lag, eyt all the problems I mentioned above, occur frequently in grifball games (To be fair Grifball has always lagged somewhat, but never in reach did the other team not spawn…)

Get your backsides into motion and do something about it, because the lag is runing Halo 4!

> Dear 343i
> Why does Halo 4 still lag at levels far beyond Reach and Halo 3?

343i aren’t Bungie.

I don’t know where they recruited their networking team from but thier product contains the worst matchmaking I’ve had to endure since Crysis 2.

Halo 4 seems to hand host to people that can’t give anyone a good connection alarmingly often. It’s almost as if 343i’s idea of lag compensation is to give then -Yoink- connection host so almost everyone is lagging terribly.

weird i never lagg.

Lag beyond Halo 3? That’s not possible.

I did get Halo 3 one year after release, since I didn’t buy the 360 straight away, and I am from Europe, but I would say 90% of my online Halo 3 games were beyond laggy.

Aside from customs, Halo 3 MP was unplayable for me. Even with all the lag I experienced, I still consider Halo 3 a million times better than Halo 4 though.

when i first got H4 i would be lucky to see lag but as soon as the map pack was released mine went REALY laggy and i got a brank spankin new router aswell!!

I hope they finally go the way of Battlefield and give us dedicated servers in 5 as this peer to peer is very unforgiving most of the time.and anyone who says its cheaper yes I know that but everyone pays to play live plus all the money the game made from sales should be more then enough to get us dedicated servers for Halo.