Lag In halo mcc worse after recent patch

to 343 industries I have to say your recent patch and bringing back some of the former playlist well done and fantastic job matches are beginning to even out and search times aren’t so long anymore a job well done however you now have a pressing matter to deal with the match lag within matches due to the unstable servers. this issue has been mentioned severly since launch and after playing for a couple of days searching for videos related to this issue it is not just me that has this problem a match with lag where players blip around the screen unless they are the host of the match is ridiculous to be able to go into a match walk around then instantly lag into someones battle rifle get two shot then die is a problem so I ask whats being done to fix this issue there threads on this very issue and it seems nothing is being done about the lag weather due to more concerning prioritys or not players want to play halo not halo lagtacular I urge you to fix this matter asap its been a concerning issue since launch and its about time it got fixed