Lag ever...

343 has done something against the lag?
(Google trad -_-)

Don’t know, I just posted a thread about the same thing. It’s very frustrating and unplayable…

Yep, they should have made the move to dedicated servers. Halo 4 match making is actually worse than Halo Reach.

And having a large fully open beta would have helped too.

im 99% sure its the join in progress system - i know it sounds dumb but its a “cod style lag” ive never had this problem of landing clear headshots before, i knew when i had a good connection in reach and in halo 4 its a mixed bag even during the game, pathetic

I like that players can join as the old method (players leave and it’s 2 v 8) was pre historic but I had a game earlier today when one person quit and another joined. All good so far except it took 6 different attempts to find a new host? That’s 6 game stops and re-starts in one game!

I don’t understand what they did. It is way WAY worse then any of the previous Halo games. I remember only having a hand full of laggy games in Reach. I really don’t think they are going to do anything about it either.