I’m on twc. I have read many threads saying that the majority of the people saying that they are lagging are on twc. I have the fastest Internet from twc that I can get and I have my nat open thanks to dmz. But I’m getting severe lag and disconnects. I had a tech come to my house and look at my network. He found that a switch I was using was causing a dip in speed but that’s all that he could find. The latency was in the 30 to 40s my ping is in the 20s and Im getting my full 50 down 5 up in speed. I also have 0 packet loss and yet I still lag in this game. That doesn’t make sense to me. How can I still be lagging when my internet us running perfectly fine?

I had the same issue. I had open nat and all. What I did to fix it. Was got my own wireless router. Went into TWC’s router and switched it to bridged connection and then connected my wireless. After that my issue went away. My XBox is wired I got wireless for my phone and surface.

I have my own router and I tried that but when I put the router twc gave me in bridge mode I lost internet entirely even with the other router hooked up. What all did you do to get it to work?

its its a router/modem id advise against using your own router. it sucks but its just easier to troubleshoot their crap service. sometimes your frequency gets out of sync. disconnect the modem from the coax cable and turn it off for a few minutes and then connect it all back up


So it’s a game issue then? If that’s true then 343 lost me as a fan and I’ll never buy another one of there games early or anything. I got burned with this game and the really bad multiplayer that was with the master chief collection

I’m on TWC and I’ve noticed some weird lag today, with opponents teleporting around and such. I haven’t seen it until today though.